Automating complex clinical processes to manage healthcare operations

Automate seamless yet robust processes

Cloud-based software for Pathology laboratory and Radiology Centres to standardize and optimise clinical operations across your laboratory through built-in analytics and business intelligence capabilities. It is a platform that helps you determine and correct sample errors that occur in pre-analytic, analytic and post-analytical stages with advanced performance assets. With the help of our cost-effective platform, you can easily manage complex testing workflows, patient history, test outsourcing, patient data privacy, efficient workflow and approval management. A perfect diagnostic assistant anytime, anywhere!

Quality Control and Turn Around Time

eLabAssist’s inbuilt test-specific TAT rules system focuses on quickly delivering sample collection to the labs, and STAT samples accurately measure laboratory quality indicators. From QC data entry, QC readings, QC charts to Centralized dashboard, our cloud-based software ensures the reading of the samples are accurate, delivering a seamless and error-free experience.

Patient Relationship Management (PRM)

Patient Relationship Management (PRM) drives care, trust and respect by maximizing the impact of the digital health transformation. PRM is more than just Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for healthcare. Hospitals, labs, medical centres can issue membership cards to the patients and define membership types and provide several benefits. They can set test reminders, send reminder emails and messages, broadcast promotional emails, messages and festive greeting reminders to the patients.

Finance & CPRT made easy

Manage your finances - from bill receipts to bulk cash payments all under one roof! eLabAssist lets you set due dates to the invoices, block report printing if not paid, offer various payment modes along with SAP/Tally integration, prepaid, postpaid and cash client model for finance management, ledger generation for all different types of income and expenses, and allows B2B client to pay on behalf of the patient using payment gateway!

Logistics & Phlebotomy

Manage Logistics & Phlebotomist activities in real-time to gain healthcare satisfaction for patients, doctors and hospitals. The cloud-based platform, integrated with Logistic Movement Management, allows you to track the number of trips the phlebotomist makes in a day and send reports on your smartphone device via SMS or Email. It alerts you about route planning, mileage calculation and workflow status, and task assignments are sent out to the phlebotomist automatically.

Radiology reporting & cloud-based DICOM viewer

Our cloud-based software is a single online reporting solution for all modalities. It allows doctors to define new, copy and modify templates, and assign multiple templates to tests. The doctors can view the patient's tests reports and later provide a descriptive report regarding further healthcare actions. From the availability of time slots to the availability of the radiologists and doctors, the patients/ doctors can schedule and reschedule appointments and automatically compute the next available time slot based on the department.

Inventory Management

Managing healthcare inventory helps you reduce revenue leakages and improve productivity. With the help of our Diagnostic system, one can easily access stocking levels and reductions in real-time. They can enhance Vendor Management (from vendor selection, rate management to association with stocks) and help laboratories meet clinical pathology accreditation. You can manage stock supplies, re-order alerts, control expiration-dated reagents and supplies, and distribute reagents and supplies to satellite laboratories. The real-time availability allows you to keep a check on expiry lists and various reports on material consumption and material inward.


Hospitals, laboratories, medical centres, doctors want to develop software that has a personal touch on their own practices. And so to care not only to the patients but also to the practitioners, elabAssist offers Branding solutions such as Application Branding, Branded Mobile Application & Patient Web Portal. It is a cost-effective solution for creating your brand your way. Our branding solutions allow you to access the features and benefits of our software while still making it yours by adding your brand logo and colour scheme on Patient Web Portal and Branded Mobile Application. Doctors and patients will easily interact with each other, providing a better doctor-patient experience.

Instrument Interfacing

eLabAssist system integration with interfaced instruments offers accurate results, providing a seamless lab experience and helps to build customer reliability. It provides improved sample analysis, and its automated functionality saves the time and effort of the staff to manually enter the results into the system. The heavy volume data doesn’t interfere with delivering reports faster and reducing the Turnaround Time (TAT). We have over 6+ years of experience in instrument interfacing of Unidirectional Interfacing and Bi-Directional Instrument interfacing.

Seamless integration with ICMR using AI

eLabAssist software integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) powered by an open-source platform lessens the burden of large volume data reporting and quick turnaround time. It helps the laboratories significantly in reducing human efforts and errors, and with available staff for core testing, it has multiplied testing capacity.

Seamless integration with PCPNDT using AI

eLabAssist seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an ideal solution for Radiology centres to file up forms for prenatal diagnostics. Our system defeats the challenge of manual application update and provides a seamless auto-update experience where you transfer all the application forms into our software, and it automatically updates on the PCPNDT system! With this, you achieve turnaround time, save human resources and have an error-free experience.

Smart Reporting

eLabAssist’s Smart Reporting system is a graphical presentation of patient test result data. It provides the health summary of the patient diagnosis for doctors to either predict and analyse the health condition of the patient or provide a further course of action based on the analysis received by smart reporting.

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